OTT Projects


  • Innovative solutions for the conversion of waste to energy and commercial product
  • Upgrade and retrofit to improve the efficiency and environmental performance of existing waste to energy facilities
  • Unique combustion and gasification technology - patented and patents pending
  • Unique air pollution control systems
  • Vitrification technology for toxic and hazardous inorganic waste
  • Technical assistance and troubleshooting for high temperature thermal processes

 Providing environmentally friendly systems to convert 100% of waste into energy and commercial products

Aside from the economic burden to society, it is well known that the practice of landfilling is injurious to the environment.  OTTUSA has the technology and know how to to produce environmentally friendly and profitable conversion systems.

Looking to the Future

  • The rapidly growing human population makes good stewardship of the environment essential to the well being of humanity
  • A well reasoned technical approach can make good stewardship go hand in hand with a wholesome and bountiful economy