About OTT

Omega Thermal Technologies, Inc. is a team of specialists that have practical experience in the design, construction and operation of high temperature thermal processing, energy generation, combustion and gasification systems.

The team offers the know how and experience to design and build facilities for:

  • producing energy from waste in the form of steam and electric power
  • gasification of waste to synthesize:
    •  ultra clean Diesel fuel or gasoline
    • methanol
    • feedstocks for use in the chemical industry
  • glass manufacturing
  • vitrification of inorganic materials
  • thermal destruction of explosives and ammunition
  • thermal destruction of medical waste

The experience of the OTT team begins in 1977 when Kenneth W Hladun entered the thermal waste processing field to design and build a system capable of thermally oxidizing a combination of liquid, solid and sludge wastes and for which he was granted US patent #4,320,709.

Since1979, Jean H Paradis and Kenneth Hladun have collaborated in the development of waste to energy projects.

In a leading role, Jean Paradis has successfully completed a number of major waste to energy projects in the USA, Canada, UK and other countries.  These are listed in the OTT team experience page.

The key people of OTT adhere to good and ethical engineering practice, and provide reliable and efficient systems at reasonable cost to the client.

OTT and its team of experts offer services with respect to

  • project management
  • process design
  • construction and startup of facilities
  • high temperature furnace design and construction
  • plasma applications
  • design of combustion and gasification systems
  • waste to energy systems.

With know how and experience from the petrochemical, glass manufacturing, power and waste to energy industries, OTT is in the business of developing proprietary means for the thermal processing of waste and biomass to produce:

  • Ultra clean gasoline or Diesel fuel
  • Electric energy, steam and hot water
  • Chemical feedstocks
  • Vitrified building products
  • Recovered metals

OTT has developed a "Waste in and no waste out" objective to be achieved by converting all components of a given waste stream into product.  The ash or inorganic fraction is converted to an obsidian like material which is environmentally neutral and useful for a number of applications in the construction industry.  The metals are recovered and recycled and the organic fraction is converted to a form of energy or chemical feedstock.

Proceeding from sound theoretical principles, the OTT team has a track record of thinking outside of the box to reliably and efficiently conceive, design, fabricate and construct innovative equipment and facilities associated with the handling and processing of waste and biomass.

Mobile Systems

For the situation where it becomes necessary to neutralize substances in situ, OTT has designed and constructed a mobile system which is capable of processing ammunition, explosives, narcotics, illicit drug lab seizures and other illegal and dangerous substances.

OTT Focus

  • Develop the simplest possible solutions to the most difficult challenges.
  • Comply with all regulatory, moral and ethical obligations.